Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Student-Faculty Basketball Game

The student-faculty basketball game was a blow-out. Although at times the kids did have steals and nice shots, the teachers slaughtered the students up and down the court. Mr. Tslerin distributed the ball superbly with assist after assist. We can't forget some overlooked fouls from Mr. DiMartino, but otherwise the game was great and the turnout was big as the students cheered for their losing peers.

Alice in Wonderland review

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ski Trip a Big Success!

Anticipation built as our seniors gathered in the auditorium before boarding the bus for the trip they'd been waiting for for four years. It was a full weekend filled with a variety of great activities, providing our seniors with great opportunities to kick back and relax, while having a chance to bond one more time together before the arrival of spring and the coming graduation. The seniors had a blast, and overall enjoyed their weekend to the fullest. It was the ski trip of a lifetime.