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Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Easter!
     With the arrival of this much-awaited spring, our Raiders welcome our springtime holiday, we color our eggs, we nibble our chocolate bunnies, and we enjoy our Easter egg hunts. But whatever we do to celebrate this ancient holiday, we do it with our family, friends and loved ones. The Crow's Nest wishes all Raiders a wonderful holiday filled with love, happiness, and good food! Have a Hoppin' Easter.
Happy Passover!
     Monday night marks the beginning of this holy holiday, and the Crow's Nest would like to wish all of our Jewish Raiders a happy holiday and a "good Pesach."
Day of Silence for LGBT Rights
     Many LGBT students face prejudice and bullying because of their sexual preference, and it often has a negative impact on them. Today, on April 11th, Raiders were given ribbons to support the LGBT community, and those who chose signed a pledge to not speak for the entire day. The significance that this has carries a lot of weight, and aims to echo the silence that many LGBT students face daily.

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