Monday, January 24, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, New You Two

Since we've received so much good feedback from the previous post of the New Years Resolutions, here's more. Enjoy!

Victoria Scaramuzzo wants to "go to the gym daily."

Ejona Bakalli wants to "get a 95 in AP English."

Lisandra Melendez wants to "forgive all my enemies and forget the past."

Jasmine Parham wants to "become a better musician."

Nicholas Bray wants to "bring peace to the world."

Mr. Gannon wants to "spend less time in my office and more time in the classrooms."

Kelly Rose wants to "concentrate more on the important things in my life like family and school."

Rain Bracero wants to "network some more and get an agent for acting."

Erica Brunett wants to "stop being such a lazy-ass and maybe do some more homework. Oh, and write a book!"

Ylli Dema wants to," get no lower than a 100 on my marking period averages."

A.P. of Administration Ms. Gurian wants to," visit countries I have not been to."

Jessica Radenberg wants to,"stay more organized and focused on my school work."

Ms. Walters wants to," not worry as much."

A.P. of the Honors Academy Ms. Pryce wants to, "accept the things I can't change."

Vinnie Medugno wants to," make more money than I did last year and do good with it."

Thanks to all Raiders who shared their resolutions. We wish you all good luck with YOUR resolutions, and we wish you a happy, healthy, and produtive New Year!
Reporting and photos by Chris Scott

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New You

As the new year begins, everyone makes New Year resolutions, but whether we keep them or not is a different story. Our Raider family have been making plenty of New Year's resolutions to improve themselves and their lives. Check 'em out and see if they're anything like yours!
Jeremy Mulvey wants to "go out in track with a big bang."
Mr. Noto wants to "resolve to pursue and develop those gifts which God gave me the day I was born, and use them to help people to help themselves."

Stephanie Garriga wants to "stop being so lazy and get things done before time."

John Revilla wants to "be more kind and caring."

Mr. Thomas wants to "join the gym."

Ola Smith (right) wants to "be less lazy, crazy, and more confident."

Parent coordinator Ms. DiAngelo wants to "help in the rescue, spaying and release of stray animals."

Joyce Libunao (left) wants to "be a nicer person and focus on my studies." Jenny Mok (right) wants to "be a better student and be myself."

Marissa Lifton (right) wants to "be completely honest with people." Belle Contreras wants to "enjoy life and be thankful for what I have."

Emma Starace wants to "stop whining."

Diana Garcia wants to "be kind to people." Jordan Torres wants to "stop letting people walk all over me."

Varsity football coach Vesce wants to "have at least three academic All-City football players."