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The History of Trick or Treating
Trick or Treating wasn't always about receiving candy.  Originally there was souling, which is where people would pray for the dead so that their souls would be able to enter heaven in exchange for goods. Young trick or treaters would go around and perform for money, wine, and food in costumes, this was called guising.  As this tradition came into America it was made so that when a treat was not received a trick would be made.Halloween has been around for many generations, although today things are done a bit differently and traditions have been altered, we still enjoy the holiday as a time of celebration. Most kids think it is just a day they can dress up and get free candy but the original purpose of this holiday was to celebrate the combining of two worlds, the living and the afterlife.

The History of Costume Wearing
Halloween was not always about collecting candy from neighbors and dressing up as your favorite T.V. and movie characters. Halloween falls on October 31, and is a time of celebration. Many people believe that Halloween is the devil’s birthday when in fact that has nothing to do with the holiday. Halloween originated during the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Celts celebrated the New Year on November 1 and believed that on the night before, the spirit world and the world of the living would be combined. The Celts believed that the spirits would allow Druids, or Celtic priests, to see into the future. During the celebration, the Celts would wear costumes, but unlike what we wear today, the costumes were made from animal heads and skin. It had been said that by wearing these costumes, the living would blend in with the spirits when the two worlds collided.

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