Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Spirit Week Comes To Port Richmond!

     Last week was SPIRIT WEEK! Spirit week was full of Raider Spirit. During this week students express themselves while showing their school spirit. Monday kicked off the spirit with students and staff dressed in our famous Raider Red. Twin Tuesday brought out the inner duplicates of our student body. Wednesday was culture day. We were able to visit the world all at one time. Students dressed up representing their cultural background and at the end of the day they came together for the Kwanzaa lighting. On Thursday, the students and staff came to school dressed down in their comfy pajamas. It was a relaxing day for us, especially since wearing pajamas was involved. In addition to the fun, our school raised $1,200 for the young child PJ who suffers from a terrible disease. Last but certainly not least, Ugly Sweater Friday. With Christmas break vastly approaching, the ugly Christmas sweaters couldn't be left out of the festivities. Friday night, we hosted a night full of fun for our community. The night began with our Raiders helping kids with arts and crafts. There was a movie shown for the kids to embrace the Christmas spirit. The culinary students served food for the guests and gifts were distributed to the neighborhood children by Santa Claus. We hope the Port Richmond family had a great time last week being that this is our last full week before the break. Enjoy the rest of this day Raiders !

Twin Teachers

Culture Day Attire

Teachers and Students ready for bed

Helping Hands Club wrapping gifts for community children

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The History of Trick or Treating
Trick or Treating wasn't always about receiving candy.  Originally there was souling, which is where people would pray for the dead so that their souls would be able to enter heaven in exchange for goods. Young trick or treaters would go around and perform for money, wine, and food in costumes, this was called guising.  As this tradition came into America it was made so that when a treat was not received a trick would be made.Halloween has been around for many generations, although today things are done a bit differently and traditions have been altered, we still enjoy the holiday as a time of celebration. Most kids think it is just a day they can dress up and get free candy but the original purpose of this holiday was to celebrate the combining of two worlds, the living and the afterlife.

The History of Costume Wearing
Halloween was not always about collecting candy from neighbors and dressing up as your favorite T.V. and movie characters. Halloween falls on October 31, and is a time of celebration. Many people believe that Halloween is the devil’s birthday when in fact that has nothing to do with the holiday. Halloween originated during the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Celts celebrated the New Year on November 1 and believed that on the night before, the spirit world and the world of the living would be combined. The Celts believed that the spirits would allow Druids, or Celtic priests, to see into the future. During the celebration, the Celts would wear costumes, but unlike what we wear today, the costumes were made from animal heads and skin. It had been said that by wearing these costumes, the living would blend in with the spirits when the two worlds collided.

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Students' Dedication To 9/11
     On the day of the 9/11 memorial, Ms. Spillane made it her aim to get her students motivated to think about the tragedy of 9/11 and its effect on society. Ms. Spillane showed them images of art inspired by 9/11, and then told her students to create their own art. Her lesson: “How can imagery be related to the attacks of September 11th inspire your art?” brought out inspired pieces from her students.

September 11, 2001

Thousands of lives lost that day,
Family, friends, all wiped away
Clouds of darkness filled the sky,
Tears of sadness filled their eyes,
The people lost, never replaced,
No object could ever fill their space.
Images etched on our hearts and mind,
Pain and torment of no other kind,
Some were found, others lost,
But they all had come with a similar cost.
Our country is now scarred with an image so rotten,
An image of an event, that will never be forgotten.

-Eric Benedetto

Remembering 9/11

As the smoke filled the air
Tears filled their eyes
Nowhere to go and nowhere to hide
Their lives flashed before their eyes

Frantic pain filled the streets
It was terrifying to see
From a sunny day to a never ending memory

Heartbeats now becoming a pin drop
In a silent place
Towers now turning to dust
Our hearts will never be the same

Heroes died on the painful day
But in our hearts they will always remain
So as we reflect on the damage done
Remember America united and stood
As one
-Tiffany Persaud

Drawn by Alexandra Bros

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Class of 2014 Graduation!
     Congratulations to the Class of 2014! You are now alumni of Port Richmond High School. It is now time to start a new chapter in your lives. Staff, faculty, and students at Port Richmond wish you the best, and hope you succeed in all that you do. Wherever you go in life just remember: you will always have a home here at Port and you will always be Raiders!

Class of 2014: Mohamed Abdelwahab, Naveen Abdelwahab, Kenisha Abrams, Ashley Abreu, Mohammed Abulawy, Jefkins Agyemanbudu, Anas Ahmed, Yehya Ahmed, Christine Akinwunmi, Mohammed Al Mosami, Sadiq Alam, Vincent Alcantara, Roberto Alicea, Alberto Alonso, Mohamed Alzandani, Nicholas Amedo, Michael Animodi, Maham Anwar, Jonathan Aponte, Marie Elizaberthe Appolon, Nicholas Arato, Anthony Arcello, Alexis Arnell-Payne, Alyssa Arroyo, Anthony Arroyo, Praveen Athukorala, Alyssa Attianese, Jon Aucaquizhpi, Oluwatumise Awopetu, Hassan Azhar, Luilly Baez, Sterling Baez, Brittany Baird, Kyle Barnes, Jasmine Basabe, Hafis Bashorun, Faye Beale ii, Luke Benedetto, Dana Bernardo, Rafy Berroa, Brian Betemit, Amal Blila, David Bobe, Emily Bonilla, Michael Bonomo, Frank Bosa, Alexander Boukhaled, Marc Boyle, Kwasi Brifu, Samarrah Briggs, Juliana Brito, Brandon Bronte, Jamella Brown, Lamont Bryant, Frederic Buissereth, Nihad Buljubasic, Perla Cabrera, Kayla Caesar, Jessica Cafiero, Ismael Camacho, Fundesa Cami, Drianna Caraballo, Roland Carlor, Giuseppe Carucci, Aldo Caruso, Sarah Castiglione, Jason Castillo, Mateo Castillo, Eduardo Castillo Munoz, Shaquan Catlett, Priyanka Chanbrasegaran, Christine Chea, Yenni Checa, David Cho, Paige Cintron, Casie Clark, Malik Coleman, Victoria Colletti, Christopher Colon, Kaitlin Comet, Devin Cropper, Tobie Cunningham, Bilal Curry, Edwina Curtis, Shanika Cuthbert, Brandon Cutrupi, Jason Dailey, Tahriek Dailey, Ashley Dalbero, Jessica Darby, Daquan Davis, Derrin Davis, Mariyah Davis, Francia De León, Dayna De Sando, Dominic Deangelo, Gabrielle Dela cruz, Adriana Deleon, Samantha Desantis, Devin Desire, Deanna Di Bartolo, Brittany Diaz, Vincenza Difilippo, Nicholas Dimatteo, Sean Discala, Znobia Dixon, Kaitlin Donohue, Florine Dorléans, Chyna Droughn, Ishak Elgamal, Mark Elliott, Darlene Encarnacion, Peter Enia, Amber Estrada, Erin Ettinger, Julian Fanelli, Mohamaed Farraj, Saneesh Feisal, Keywan Felder, Michael Ferone, Christina Ferrara, Vernasia Fields, Naya Fitzgerald, Aliyah Flaherty, David Flores, Christopher Fluker, Dennis Flynn, Steven Flynn, Louis Fonseca, Gabriel Fox, Keyshawn Francis, Cynthia Fuentes, Dayanara Galan, Lauren Ganz, Daniel Garcia, Gilberto Garcia, Joshua Garcia, Loury Garcia, Selena Garcia, Ignacio Garcia Ramirez, Jerine George, Jerril George, Frankie Gil, Matthew Giorgio, Amit Glazer, James Gomez, Amber Gonzalez, Angel Gonzalez, Frankie Gonzalez, Josalynn Gonzalez, Rosemary Gonzalez, Humberto Gonzalez-Cruz, Job Grant-Cobham, Caitlin Gray, Sarane Griffith, Robert Guarneri, Jocelyn Guzman Calero, Helena Hagen, Dior Hairston, Robert Hayward, Sabreah Headley, Leah Heinsohn, Franklin Helliger, Mena Helmy, Carlton Henry, Nazir Henry-Findley, Jorge Herrera, Matthew Hetz, Melissa Hichez, Oscar Hidalgo, Jameel Holder, Malakhi Horne, Jayshawn Howard, Jeremy Hristoforatos, Jazlyn Huertas, Keon Hughes, Irving Humphrey, Janelle Hunter, Giovanni Hurtado, Raymond Hwang, Tierra Incle, Giovanni Iniestra, Shadi Izmikna, Jaryl James, Joshua John, Unique Jones, Victorious Jones, William Jones, Binu Joseph, Taniyoka Joseph, Jennifer Kamper, Richard Kaufer, Matthew Keegan, James Kim, Tae su Kim, Thomas Kok, Adam Kostandy, Isaac Kovnator, Matthew Kramer, Jeton Krasniqi, Stevengeorge Lakeman, Kelvin Lantigua, Robert Lanza, Mariana Lara, Alfonso Lara, jr., Alice Lee, Marissa Levine, Tariq Lewis, Imani Lewis Waldron, Humar Liaquat, Branden Little, Fatima Livan, George Lomotey, Briana Lopez, Kiven Lopez, Sergio Lopez, Joseph Loughran, Dajia Lugo, Patrick Ma, Brian Mac Kenzie, Eric Machuca, Misha Mahmood, Tiffany Mai, Daveanand Mangroo, Donna Martinez, Jobany Martinez, Kaitlin Martinez, Yessica Martinez, Yusaf Marza, Shakeem Mason, Shamel Massie, Sean Masterson, Jaijo Mathew, Bianca Matos, Joseph Mccarron, Karyn Mcclain, Jake Mccormack, Casey Mcquillen, Marielle Mcroberts, Narvin Mehelal, Angel Melendez, Shayla Mendez, Melissa Mendoza, Gabriel Metzger, Shameeka Miller, Roberto Minardi, Sinarely Minchala, Elijah Miranda, Jon Dylan Mirasol, Devin Mitchell, Kenya Mites, Bryan Mizhquiri, Anthony Modica, Nourann Mohamed, Shazam Mohamed, Lens Moise, Anrique Molina, Nicole Montana, Joslynn Montanez, Jada Moore, Yolande Moore, Brandon Morales, John Morales, Marlon Morales, Juan Mosso, Melissa Mulligan, Giselle Muniz, Elizabeth Natale, Bryan Navarro, Isabel Navarro, Victor Neri, Carlos Nieto, Kelly Nola, Andy Nuñez, Kevin Oakes, Adeola Ogunsanya, Jeong Oh, Anthony Ojeh, Abiola Oladitan, Dana Olah, Gabriel Oliveras, Yvonne Olivieri, Emmanuel Olotu, Adedotun Olowu, Chiamaka Onaga, Wanjun Ou, Wenqing Ou, David Outlaw, Terrence Overton, Christian Ozuna, Angela Pace, Visar Papraniku, Keenan Parker, Bobby Parrilla, Hugo Pavia, Maria Pavia, Martin Pavia, Hernan Pavia Cabrera, Xavier Peña, Dianna Perez, Nyeema Pierce, Izayah Pierre, Jonathan Pierro, Lisa Pignato, Isabel Pinell-Mayorga, Jacqueline Pope, Kavisha Premabandu, Breanay Pullum, Khadeejah Qadri, Vincent Quercia iii, Jonathan Ramirez, Marlete Ramirez, Sweta Ramnani, Shynasia Randolph, Joseph Rao, Ahmed Raza, Quinesha Reeves, Christopher Regina, Tabitha Reilly, Chelsea Reno, Austin Restrepo, James Revilla, Deborah Reyes, Ismael Reyes, Jasmin Reyes, Victoria Reyes, Adriana Rivera, Jose Rivera, Rachel Rivera, Elias Rivera, III, Alicia Rodriguez, David Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez, Arielle Rosario, Joseph Rozon, Misael Ruiz, Dominique Rulli, Joseph Ryan, Amar Saini, Samantha Salcedo, Amanda Salhab, Victoria Salm, Karen Salom, Tessy Samuel, Shaina Samuels, David Sanchez, Devonte Sanders, Michel Le Santana, Ariana Santiago, Sydney Schatzer, Chaylene Sciangula, Marnise Sears, Joseph Sena, Arusa Shah, Anthony Shakes, Gohar Shamas, Iqra Shamas, Mike Shao, Christine Shouldis, Marco Sierra, Daniel Simeni, Kenton Smith, Alonzo Smith Veney, Noman Sohail, Angel Solis, Anthony Solis, Ryan Soriano, Ryane Soto, William Soto, Brittany Sperruggia, Aida Sproul, Kayla Staiano, Jeffrey Stamer, Klaudia Staskiewicz, Zachary Stein, Christopher Stuart, Alphonzo Stubbs, Stephen Stueber, Irteza Syed, Bryan Teetsell, Kandena Thomas, Anthony Thorton, Angel Torreulla, Anthony Trani, Charles Tripoli, Marlon Urena, Jaquelina Valencia, Jenny Varughese, Mireigha Vasquez, Stephanie Vasquez, Daniel Vazquez, Maria Vazquez, Roxanne Vazzo, Kassandra Vega, Brianna Velazquez, Nathalie Velepucha, Kenny Velez, Michael Velez, John Veloz, jr., Massiel Vilchez, Alex sami Villanueva, Thomas Villegas, Maria Vlagas, Joshua Wahnon, Diamond Walker, Christopher Wallace, Kevin Walton, Tyler Warner, Jermel Raphael Washington, Keayna Washington, Raymond Waters, Dominique Westbrook, Shawn Westby, Deanna Whalen, Robert Whalen, Mallique Willis, Cheriyah Wilmot, Kareem Wilson, Yazmin Wilson-Jones, Joshua Winslow, Donique Wood, Darah Wright, Benjamin Wu, Cindy Xie, Sabrina Young, Taquan Young, Kaiser Zahroof, Maeda Zaidi, Sarah Zainelabdin, Siaber Zayzay, Robert Zukowski-Garrie, Jake Zukowski-Garrie

Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Words From Our Graduates
Here a few thoughts some of our seniors had when asked about graduating in two weeks.

"I feel anxious and very excited to graduate. I really want a positive change and college is something different and I can't wait," said Dayanara Galan.

"In one way I am glad I get to leave this island. Port Richmond as well. However, more than leaving the location, it leaving the people, teachers, and students, that would make me lonesome and sad. Things can be replaced. People can't," said Valedictorian Sarah Zainelabdin.

"I have been thinking about graduation for most of senior year. it is going to be the saddest and happiest day ever. The people I have met at Port Richmond High School are amazing. The experiences I've been through are crazy and I wouldn't trade them for anything," said Jake Zukowski-Garrie.

"I a, excited to start a new chapter in my life. Port Richmond provided great memories and taught me both hard work and discipline," said senior president Adam Kostandy.

"I remember walking into this school the first time and feeling at home. I am glad that my feeling came true and I am glad I came here," said Salutatorian Priyanka Chanbrasegaran.

I have mixed feeling for graduating. I kind of want to leave to go on to college, but I don't want to leave the friendships I made throughout the four years I've attended PRHS," said Alberto Alonso.

"Unlike most normal people, I am filled with DESPAIR! I don't want to leave high school," said Alice Lee.

"There have been good days and there have been bad days. I will miss all the true friends I have made as well as cherish all the memories," said Daniel Simeni.

"Nothing compares to the genuine bonds you make during your four years in high schools. These new friendships and bonds you create in high school will probably impact and stay with you the rest of your life," said Jerine George.  

"Honestly high school has been crazy. It's been stressful, it's been fun, it's been real, and now in my final days of high school, I have to get ready for the real world. I don't want to grow up just yet, but I guess I have to eventually," said Emmanuel Olotu.

"Graduation and leaving Port Richmond gives me a bittersweet feeling. I've been more than happy to have met the people I've made friends with, all the things teachers have taught me, and what I've experienced. I'll never forget Port Richmond High School and the Class of 2014," said Tierra Incle.

"I will miss playing high school football the most. The team was like my second family," said Michael Bonomo.

"Graduating high school feels amazing, but scary. I'm happy it's over and adulthood is beginning, but I also wish I could go back to being a child and playing," said Francia DeLeon.

"In these years of high school, I have been defeated and I have risen. I am very thankful to my teachers. I will look back to my memories at this school and smile," said Maeda Zaidi.

"I have no feelings about the impending graduation. Graduation is very trivial and more symbolic or implicit than anything. My parents are very excited," said Anthony Arroyo.

"Ultimately, a place is only as good as the people there, and I believe that makes Port Richmond one of the best places on Staten Island. I feel confident moving forward to face life's challenges," said Irteza Syed.

"The memories and friendships created in the pat four years are truly irreplaceable and remain with me for a lifetime. I am so grateful for all of my teachers in the honors program who have cared for me, and have properly prepared me for this next step in my life. I will miss my teachers dearly such as Mr. Luongo, who I've had for all four years, Mr. DeFazio, who I had for three years, Ms. Goldstein, who I had for two years, and lastly Mr. Trant, who although I've only had for one year, over the one year, has been one of the best English teachers I've ever had. I truly appreciate my teachers and they are a huge part of why I will miss Port Richmond so much. four years ago, as I stepped into Port Richmond for the first times as a freshman, I never imagines the years would fly by so quickly! My advice for the younger students would definitely be to cherish your time and the people in this building, because before you know it, you'll be saying goodbye to it all," said Paige Cintron.

The Crow's Nest wishes the Class of 2014 the best in the next chapter in their lives. Remember: once a Raider, always a Raider!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Freshmen Orientation
     Congratulations to all of the incoming freshmen! Last night Port had the privilege of welcoming next year's Class of 2018. The auditorium was full, unlike many past years, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Although many in the Staten Island community have a certain view of Port Richmond, all of those negative thoughts were forgotten as we all came together, and praised the amazing things that happen at our school. We hope all are excited for the new school year and it was nice seeing many students happy to be fellow Raiders! 

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Senior Prom 2014 Pictures!