Friday, September 19, 2014

Students' Dedication To 9/11
     On the day of the 9/11 memorial, Ms. Spillane made it her aim to get her students motivated to think about the tragedy of 9/11 and its effect on society. Ms. Spillane showed them images of art inspired by 9/11, and then told her students to create their own art. Her lesson: “How can imagery be related to the attacks of September 11th inspire your art?” brought out inspired pieces from her students.

September 11, 2001

Thousands of lives lost that day,
Family, friends, all wiped away
Clouds of darkness filled the sky,
Tears of sadness filled their eyes,
The people lost, never replaced,
No object could ever fill their space.
Images etched on our hearts and mind,
Pain and torment of no other kind,
Some were found, others lost,
But they all had come with a similar cost.
Our country is now scarred with an image so rotten,
An image of an event, that will never be forgotten.

-Eric Benedetto

Remembering 9/11

As the smoke filled the air
Tears filled their eyes
Nowhere to go and nowhere to hide
Their lives flashed before their eyes

Frantic pain filled the streets
It was terrifying to see
From a sunny day to a never ending memory

Heartbeats now becoming a pin drop
In a silent place
Towers now turning to dust
Our hearts will never be the same

Heroes died on the painful day
But in our hearts they will always remain
So as we reflect on the damage done
Remember America united and stood
As one
-Tiffany Persaud

Drawn by Alexandra Bros

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