Monday, January 23, 2017

“If you can dream it you can do it.”-Walt Disney
By- Steven Inniss
Young people, end up losing their dreams, in fear of the imminent future, college.
In a low income neighborhood, there is a relatively small high school, Port Richmond High School. Although modest, Port Richmond HS has a lot of perks, and an upbeat spirit. One of those perks is the partnership Port Richmond HS has with Wagner College. Within this partnership, Wagner and PRHS nurtured a program called the Port Richmond Partnership Leadership Academy (PRPLA). The program is ran out of the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement in Wagner College (CLCE), and the Wagner College Raider Office in Port Richmond High School. Leo Schuhert runs the program, PRPLA, along with Arlette Cepeda, Kevin Bote, Kevin Farrell, and other  students who work in the CLCE office. Mr. Schuhert said “I love the opportunity to work everyday with such wonderful, intelligent, inspiring, and motivational young adults.Seeing them learn and grow, develop leadership skills and work hard to achieve their dreams, is what this program is all about. It's because of the students whom I work with at Port Richmond that this program is possible. Our collective work in this program makes us at Wagner so proud to be partnered with such a wonderful community.” This extensive idea of pursuing your dream, even extends to IS 51, where their is a mini PRPLA developing, and works to develop their dream.
   The Leadership Academy was founded by the New World Foundation COIN Program and Wagner College. They started PRPLA, with an aim to improve students’ educational studying tactics, to teach the students about immigration, and to instruct them how to work with CBOs (community based organizations).  One of their goals is for students in PRPLA to become community based leaders and learn how to achieve their dreams. Timofej, a senior a Port High School, benefited greatly from her experience in the Wagner College program. {It} “Provided opportunity to grow as person and go to MIT,”  said Timofej.  The Wagner College student mentors help to guide students toward reaching their goals. One of these mentors who worked in  PRPLA over the summer described her experience working with Port Richmond HIgh School students throughout the school year, and throughout most of the summer,  “The Port Richmond Partnership Leadership Academy, works to improve our Raider student lives, and help work towards their dreams.”

Friday, January 20, 2017

Starting Off the New Year

new-year.jpgHayoung Choi
For many people, the new year is a fresh start to a better life. The start signifies a new chance, a new opportunity for people to change an aspect about themselves that they want to improve. Often, to accomplish this goal, people set New Year’s resolutions to help motivate and shape their lives into something better. Resolutions are like a renewed contract, a new promise to one’s self for a healthier well-being. Whether it’s quitting smoking or losing weight, these resolutions, however, are often easily dissolved and people succumb back into their old ways. Therefore, the “new year new me” mentality is born. According to James Clear, a photographer and author who writes about behavioral psychology, the building of a new habit in 21 days is in fact a debunked myth and in reality, it takes approximately 66 days for the habit to be cemented into one’s lifestyle. Relatively, 66 days may not seem like a long period of time to completely change your life, but to keep up a habit for 66 days continuously is easier said than done.
By following these few tips it’s guaranteed that you’ll stick to your resolutions in no time.
  1. Start by Being Specific
Focus on a certain area in your life that you specifically want to change. When you set a goal of losing weight, for example, choose a certain weight you want to achieve or decide on a certain amount of pounds to lose. By saying that you want to lose weight, it vaguely establishes an unclear target, making it harder to motivate yourself to achieve your desired goal.
     2.    Take One Step at a Time
Don’t expect a huge change to happen overnight. Unhealthy habits form over a long period of time and to form healthier habits, it will also take a long period of time. To form healthier habits, take baby steps and slowly start adding new routines.
     3.    Make a plan
Make a year long plan by mapping out daily, weekly, or even monthly goals. Plan for success by preparing the necessary items and materials. Read up on information about your specific subject. Whether it’s quitting smoking, running a marathon, or becoming vegan, brushing up on some knowledge about the health benefits of your goal can make you look forward for the change.
      4.    Be Vocal About Your Resolution
Let people know about the goals that you want to accomplish. Find someone who can hold you accountable for keeping you motivated and on track to a healthier life. These “accountability buddies” can serve as helpful reminders of your end goal; they are a good way to vent out some pent up stress from the challenging change. Don’t tell too many people about your resolutions,  try to limit the people you tell, to a few close family members or friends who are willing to help you along your journey.
     5.    Accept Failure and Don’t Give Up
Understand that those midnight cravings might override your “weight loss will” or that one bad day might ruin your “be more positive” goal; these occasional slip-ups are a natural part of the new resolution process. Don’t beat yourself up every time you make an unintended mistake. Accept your failures after it happens and reflect back to why and how this could have occurred. Think about ways that your can learn and improve from this experience.

Remember, fulfilling your New Year’s Resolution is no easy task. It requires an unfailing will, determined motivation, and the strong want to change your life. With these three things, anyone can accomplish their resolutions in no time.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Donald Trump Wins Presidential Election by Joshua Stamer

Donald Trump is slated to be the 45th president of the United States. Many Americans held their breath on election night as the two candidates, with substantial controversy surrounding their campaigns, traded leads throughout the election. The contest started on November 7, election night, and on early Wednesday morning Trump was announced the winner.
How exactly did this happen? Well, on Tuesday night, Trump won the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, and Iowa. These states were especially important because they were won by Barack Obama and the democratic party in the election of 2012, making them blue states  ( According to CNN, these were also states that Hillary Clinton was projected to win.  
Now that the election is over, Trump will officially be in office on January 20th, 2017. Some of the ideas espoused by Trump consist of building a wall at the border of Mexico and US, deporting criminal illegal immigrants, reducing taxes for the working/middle class, defeating Isis, creating jobs, and strengthening the United States foreign affairs with different nations (

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Port Richmond High School Tree Lighting
                                                                                                      By- Diana Stewart
On Friday December 2nd, Port Richmond High School held its annual tree lighting in the lobby. Mrs. Woodmen conducted the band as they played Christmas songs, Mr. Gannon presented his holiday card created by Alex Bros an eleventh grader. Then, Mr. Gannon counted down from ten when he finished he said “our Raider spirit will light the tree” and the tree was magically illuminated. While there, Raiders shared their favorite parts of the holidays. Ryan Horgan sophomore said his favorite part is receiving  presents and spending time with family. “Christmas is my favorite holiday” said David Rivera as well as “getting presents”. Although gifts are received during this holiday, people should take time to be thankful for what they already have and what they can give to people who may not have as much as others. Port Richmond High School gives back to the community in several ways. One way they give back is through the Giving Tree. The Giving tree, is a Christmas tree, decorated with garland that has the names of people who are in need of specific things. Staff of Port are then invited to choose a name and be a secret Santa, who humbly doesn’t ask for anything in return. Port Richmond takes time to recognize the holidays that are celebrated during this time of year as well as, giving back to the people in need!

Monday, December 5, 2016

College: The Next Step of Your Life
                                                                                          By:Hayoung Choi

    College is becoming more competitive, and students are applying more than ever; with

the ever-growing amount of high-schoolers, many wonder if college is as attainable as it

seems. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the number of

students enrolling for college, increased from 16.9 million to 20.4 million since 2003

to 2013. With the world becoming more globalized and technologically innovative,

higher levels of education are becoming prioritized and students are getting ambitious to

search for the best of the best.

    At first, the process seems daunting, many often don’t know where to start. Students

often wait until the last minute to get their prerequisites in and end up rushing their essays

and applications which would lower their chances to get into the college of their choice.

However, by understanding exactly what the college process is and by following a few

steps, students can overcome the pre-college application anxieties head on and get

accepted to the college of their dreams.

Applying to college is a big job, but by breaking the process down into a series of small

steps it can be a stress-free experience for everyone.

1. Building the Real You:

    Throughout your high school life, choose the kinds of extracurriculars that interest you,

not the ones that look the best for a college application. Colleges appreciate it more when

a student is passionate about their interests rather than a student who is trying to join

multiple clubs and sports they may have no interest. List the accomplishments that you

take the most pride in and write the essay that best represents who you are - make your

voice unique.

2. Get Connected:

    Talk to your family, friends, or anyone else you’re close to about your college plans. Talk

about why you want to go to a certain college; this will be great preparation for

interviews later on when you apply for colleges. Also, get to know your teachers and

guidance counselors. They all have been through the same experiences you’re going

through and can provide you with tips and advice to help make your experience the best it

can be.

3. Research Research Research:

    Start conducting on the kinds of colleges you might want to attend. Find colleges that

offer or provide the best support and attention to the major(s) in which you are interested.

Get informed about the different kinds of programs and special activities that each

individual college offers. For example, Brown University provides a BS/MD program for

undergraduates the opportunity to graduate earlier than standard medical schools and

does not require students to take the MCAT test. For medically interested students, this is

an opportunity of a lifetime. Get to know the requirements some of these schools have

and work your way towards achieving each and one of them. Getting started junior year

for college prep is never too early because it allows more time for students to prepare

without stress and eases the overwhelming amount of work.

    For many high school students, college is just a step away. College is not only an

unforgettable experience, but it is a step into adulthood freedom and a time to learn life

lessons. By following these three steps, anyone can make their college application

process simple; you can expect your acceptance letter in no time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Trump: The Future Face of America
By: Haiyoung Choi

On November 8th, 2016, the 45th President of the United States was elected. Millions of people flocked to the polls, writing in their choices for the future leader of America. As the morning of November 9th approached, anxious crowds of people watched to see who the next president would be; the winner of the election was
Donald Trump.
As an underage citizen, I was not able to partake in voting, forced to watch helplessly from the sidelines as the fate of the country was decided. I was not content with either candidates, Clinton or Trump,  but felt rather indifferent about the turn out of the election. Although Clinton, for me, was the better choice Clinton lacks much of the qualifying qualities that I believe a president should possess; Trump, however, lacks much more. When I saw who won the election, I was not only shocked but quite disappointed. Out of all the millions of people living in America, these were the two candidates who were chosen to represent the Republicans and Democrats. These were the best both parties could do.  But, as disappointed I was with the results, I believe what is done is done, we can’t change the outcomes at all. I believe we have to make the best with what we have and we should give Trump a chance. I believe if Trump is influenced and aided by the right people, it could provide the change that many Americans seek.

Friday, November 4, 2016

A Successful Med-Tech Blood Drive
By: Diana Stewart

       On October 25, Port Richmond High School had its first blood drive of the new school year.  The Med-Tech students along with phlebotomists from Staten Island University Hospital, collected seventy-four pints of blood.  It was “the most successful blood drive we have had in several years,” said Mrs. Wright,  the Med-Tech coordinator at Port Richmond High School.  All seventy-four pints were donated to SIUH/Northwell blood bank.  The contributions of 91 willing donors led to a successful first blood drive.  
     Many of the donors were students who have specific reasons for donating blood.  “I wanted my first experience of donating blood to be through Port Richmond, and I had a good experience doing so!" said Tatiana Ferrerias,  a senior at Port Richmond HS.  “I like to help those in need,”said Joshua Stamer.  The students enjoyed reaching new milestones and helping others. 
    This is the second blood drive Mrs. Wright organized as the Med-Tech coordinator.  “I love to combine learning with community service, I am fortunate that this opportunity is part of my role as Med Tech coordinator," said Mrs.Wright.
Med-Tech Participants