Tuesday, April 17, 2018

“Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda” or known as
“Love, Simon” Movie Review By Alexa Agnello

Simon Spier is a 16 year old high school student who is in the closet. No one knows he’s gay. There is only one person who knows Simon is gay and his name is Blue. Simon found Blue on his High School’s tumblr page, “Creek Secrets.” In the movie, Blue put a post up on the blog and Simon emailed him under the name Jacques. Simon leaves his email open on one of the school computers and student,  Martin Addison takes pictures of Simon’s emails. Martin threatens to release the emails unless Simon can get Abby Suso to date him. Over the course of the movie Simon tries hard to get Abby to date Martin. In Martin’s final attempt to get Abby to date him, he makes a fool of himself during the football game and gets rejected in front of hundreds of students.

The acting from Nick Robinson (Simon), Katherine Langford (Leah) , Alexandra Shipp (Abby), Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Nick) and Keiynan Lonsdale (Bram) is amazing. All of the actors interpreted their characters authentically.  Nick Robinson portrayed Simon in a unique way and was as awkward as Simon is described.

My favorite detail from the movie is that whenever Simon met someone who he thought was Blue, the next email he received was narrated by that person. The movie is inspiring and may be able to give teenagers, or people in general, the confidence to come out to their family or friends. Even though the movie wasn’t exactly like the book, I still enjoyed every second of it. The movie offered a new look into Simon’s life and the frustrations he experienced when he was younger. This movie shows that you shouldn’t be afraid of who you are, no matter if you’re straight, bisexual, gay or pan, you should be loved the way you are.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Walkout Of Misery
By Christian Allamby
17 minutes for 17 names
The walkout we had showed that gun laws were to blame
Instead of supporting the cause and keeping things organized
We’re off to our lives, with grief surely unrecognized

We did more standing than walking
“Beigel” and “Feis” would’ve wanted a sequel, but their hearts been deported
Led by feet that supported, arms placing kids in safety’s confinement
They took more action than us, but yet can't get another chance at surviving

Student athletics, scholarships for the future
“Alhadeff had her mind on competitive soccer”
One goal set ahead, just for the next morning to be presumed dead
Family wishing she was still alive to see their baby girl run ahead

A band for our fallen, but no more marching for them
“Gina” and “Alex” will always have tunes crowds could never forget
Beautiful souls reaching from broken scars
There is a need to be upset when you don't get a chance to see your child make it far

Why did he do this?
Why does it pain?
Could be from illness…
or he’s just mentally insane

“Peter” and “Petty”, JROTC program
Never to touch the field, because death came and called early
Where’s their medal of honor, not that it settles families losses
No one could ever be ready when all they know is practice
Slowly advancing, death is something they haven't grasped yet

“Carmen”, just like my mother”s name
If she was ever taken from me I’d might scream God’s name in vain
Who knows, maybe he is to blame
But why take an excellent student away from us, playing with our lives like a game

To see a father cry, and have another father die
For “Jamie’s” father I understand the pain that must be inside
To see an angel fly the sky
And realize your princess won’t ever get to reach her height

For “Chris”, with his half missing, his family's left with a hole
No other man could ever replace him even when death leaves a warm hearted man cold
To balance a job and a family, providing your son with the keys to live right
Offering your team the green light, teaching every kid on the roster not to let the screams bite

“Helena”, “Meadow” and “Nicholas”, one more year, that’s ridiculous
Some had scholarships, others didn’t
At least we know fear didn't blurr up their vision

Why did you do this to children?
Three who almost tasted adulthood, waiting for high school to finish
They were headed to college
Why not let them wake so they can finish

Full of life, surely gifted, “Martin” had just experienced new lessons
“Luke” was crossing, bound for greatness
“Cara” coasted, chilling in sand swallowed by deep waves
Three more names of victims, who all had vibrant lives to raise

At certain levels it gets harder for my temperature not to go insane
To have this mess with your brain…
Connecting to these people, hearing the things we all do the same
My duty to feel like a friend, feel for anyone who’s been fighting this pain

If I lose friends I’d be back to writing this
Please don’t force an overtime, you’re taking lives of innocents
Find a new balance between peace and riots
Please as a people, put an end to this

Would’ve found a friend in “Oliver”, writing poetry, we shared the same
And if not, who cares about the differences?
Either dead or alive, we still have our name
But I wish for every child and adult who lost their lives in the Parkland shooting to walk the clouds and prevent anymore rain

For you guys I dedicate this poem with a promise…
If hope dies, i'll make the light shine
The world needs to see the pain, recognize your importance

From one soul to another, I hope you all stay to see the change students are finally involved in...No more misery and crying

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Woman’s story
By Christian Allamby
It starts with you, what they tell every child
It starts with you, “damn I haven’t had a boy in a while”
Fourth trial should be a man just like me, isn’t that wild
Disappointed by my gender, I guess this reality now

Said that you would praise me, but just left my mother to raise me
Don’t go and have another girl, you always see us as lazy
A waste of time to have me
You probably think we mistakes, you probably think we’re only here for sweating the kitchen and handing you cake

My father treating me like my boss now, another man who won’t provide me my raise
I do just as much work as you, but I’m forced to hide around, locked in your safe
He's been so fond of color, let's see what happens when he meets my red
Been so hesitant to show it, my rage feels too powerless to shed

What a phenomenal color, most women wear it on both sides
“She claims her color shows inside and out, but she's just being difficult”
“Flammable fumes, she wants to show red, so ima make her sad, deep down and depressed”
“Claim i cant change you, but my views is what's gonna save you”

The definition of men is crazy
Advocated by thoughts to bring their son to the light, but give their daughters less than a smile and a ride to school once their entire life
Because that life for me was like every six months, mom had to carry me for nine… just for you to go express yourself towards other woman like mom was your slave on the side

“You should run to my words”
“These are your tasks, now cook something good”
“Don’t you dare to talk back”
“Ms. do I make myself clear, or am I misunderstood”

I think my ears work perfectly, tired of hiding bruises under my hood
Never preached for robin to come get me, another man that’ll never look
Look through your blinded eyes, justice will soon reach present times
You know your “perfect” windows will never be tinted, so be satisfied with not having another guy

All you did was ruin my mirrored dreams
Thought who planted me as my father, wouldn’t just whine and scream
2018, might turn you into another dad meme
Disgrace to the human species, you and the men that raped our goals instead of treating us like your picture perfect queen

I’m not your shelter, someone for you to bury your anger
Feel like i've been homeless all my life, you've provided me nothing but danger
Better off with a stranger or running away to become my own leader
Even though most men will deny my victory I’m not someone who’ll serve you like a waiter

Was I ever important, oh wait you’re too busy to deny it
How'd you bring mom that diamond, but wait until you’re out the public to display abuse
Talk all about me, running my mouth, but you could never spill the truth
A part of many chapters in my life, I hope I become good enough to publish it

The world should see you suffer, forget tough love, it’s over
No changing the bruises and scars on my skin
You won’t change for us, there is no “depend”
Open ended regret, swallow your pride because now you're the “GIRL”  within

Wanna be number 1 on the rafters, congratulations you worked 8 hours
Treat them 8 hours like forced labor, abuse me, but speak in a tone like childish laughter
Won’t let me have a phone, won’t let me acknowledge a real man
Is this your plan, indoctrinate my gender, so I feel like I’m on foreign lands

Nothing is enough, won’t let me leave the house unless I’m covered
“Talk to me nice or I’ll make you see blue for not putting my fork and spoon on the right side next to the butter”
How I know your heart is black?
Failed as a father, so don't fight the firing, you can take your own guilt out back, I heard depression’s hiring

You don’t cry when I’m facing struggles
You just lie, missed the moment when I blew my first bubble
But of course you're late, probably at the bar or disgracing mother’s name
Could give no care in the world, but still try and prevent your little girl from having fame
I guess I’ll force my dreams of having a good dad to the side, teach my son how women can be the best part of your life

Thursday, March 29, 2018

 PRHS Spring Musical : “Guys and Dolls” Review
By : Alexa Agnello

On March 16th and 17th, the cast of “Guys and Dolls” put on an amazing show. The cast performed wonderfully, the dancing was exciting and the play was a pleasure to watch. Leading woman, Megan Bros, stole the show with her character, Miss Adelaide. Her acting and singing skills are fantastic and she embodied the character. The lead male, Nathan Detroit was played by Mason Crowley. His acting was genuine as he showed true emotion in his acting and singing. The rest of the cast also put on a terrific show. Eddie McConville played Benny South Street and Kaitlyn Nellis played Sara Brown on Saturday. Gabrielle Ryan played Sara Brown on Friday. Keano Torres played Sky Masterson and Emanuel Santiago played Nicely-Nicely Johnson.

The set design was realistic and had a variety of designs. The set for Manhattan was well detailed and gave off a historic Manhattan vibe. The set for Cuba showed a more bright side of the show and it imitated the look of a restaurant in Cuba. Lastly the crap game that was in the sewers looked like a actual sewer. Each set made the show realistic and made the audience seem like they were in each place. In all, the show was marvelous and the actors, dancers and the orchestra did a outstanding job.
Cast members : Megan Bros and Mason Crowley
Measures taken by New York City
To protect its bikers
By Darien Gayle
New York City has taken measures to ensure the safety of their bikers.  Biking is a form of transportation that has risen in popularity in recent years.  More and more New Yorkers are starting to ride bikes to get to school, work, or just for a leisure activity.  One of the measures the city has taken is installing balustrades. The purpose of balustrades is to protect bikers from cars by acting as a  barrier between them.

At the end of 2017 the Department of Transportation  planned to “ add 25 miles of new protected bike lanes in the city.. In all, the total number of bike lanes added (including ones that aren’t protected) is 65—just shy of the 75 miles that the DOT was hoping to add.” (NY Curbed) One of the boroughs where they are adding new protected bikes lanes is Staten Island. The Department of Transportation is currently working on the  Richmond Terrace SI Ferry Project. This will add 0.9 miles of protected bikes lanes on Staten Island. The lane will go from St.George Terminal to Wall street. Many bikers avoid riding their bike in fear of being hit by a car. “I see fairly new bike lanes on streets like Clove Road, but I never actually see bikers in those lanes, so cars just drive in the bike lanes too.  I try to take the side streets and stay off the main roads, but I’m afraid of getting hit by a car,” said Suzanne Woodman, Assistant Principal at Port Richmond High School. The city believes that in a crowded city it is important to install balustrades that will protect New Yorkers and allow them to have a sense of security in a activity that they enjoy.
Photos courtesy of NYC.GOV

Photos courtesy of NYC.GOV

Thursday, March 22, 2018

National School Walkout @
Port Richmond High School
By Jaylene Coye

On March 14, 2018, one month after the fatal shooting that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Port Richmond High School students stood outside on the football field for 17 minutes in recognition of the 17 lives that were lost during the shooting. Some students walked around the track to raise awareness about gun reform. Many students carried signs in remembrance of the lives that were lost that day, and others used their voices to express the change they would want to see in gun laws.

Monday, March 12, 2018

This Is : BTS
By : Alexa Agnello
“Please, ARMY*, remember what we say, love myself, love yourself”
BTS is a South Korean boy group who debuted in 2013. They are from a small company and almost faced disbandment the same year they debuted. They had many accomplishments in 2017. In the beginning of the year the album “You Never Walk Alone”  pre orders surpassed 700k orders. They were nominated for a Billboard Music Award in May. They won the award for Top Social Artists, making them the first Kpop group to win that award. In September they released another mini album and their popularity grew in America. BTS performed on the American Music Awards in November. They partnered with UNICEF to create a anti-violence project called “LOVE MYSELF.” They went on the Ellen Degeneres show, and they performed on New Year’s Rockin Eve. In South Korea they won Song of the year on the Melon Music Awards and artist of the year on the Mnet Music Awards. The boys performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and appeared on James Corden’s Late Late show in November as well.  
The oldest member is Kim Seokjin, he goes by the stage name Jin. He is a ‘92 liner (a liner is the year someone was born) and he is the vocalist. He is also the visual for his handsome features. He introduces himself with, “Hi I’m Jin, oldest brother, and worldwide handsome.” The next member of BTS is Min Yoongi, also known as Suga or Agust D. He is a ‘93 liner and he is the lead rapper.   He said this once, “Min Suga, genius, these two words should be enough.” The next member is Jung Hoseok, also known as J-Hope. He is a ‘94 liner, he is the lead rapper, main dancer and vocalist. He introduces himself with “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope.” The leader of the group is Kim Namjoon, but goes by the stage name RM (who changed his name from Rap Monster). He is a ‘94 liner and is the main rapper and vocalist of the group. He goes by his quote, “Love myself, love yourself.” The shortest member of BTS is Park Jimin and he goes by Jimin. He is a ‘95 liner and is the lead vocalist and main dancer. He is very self conscious of himself. The next member is Kim Taehyung and he goes by the stage name V.  He is also a ‘95 liner and he is the lead vocalist and the 2nd visual. He debuted as an actor in 2016. The youngest member of the group is Jeon Jungkook. He is a ‘97 liner and he is the main vocalist, lead dancer, rapper and the center of the group. He grew up with the members and he was raised by them.
BTS debuted on June 12, 2013 with the song “No More Dream” and the side track “Bulletproof pt 2.” They released a total of five mini albums, eight Japanese single albums, two Japanese albums, three repackaged (special) albums and two full albums. A song that changed their style was the song “Blood, Sweat and Tears” from their album “WINGS.” This song revamped their style and painted a more sophisticated look for them. They released “DNA” which started their “LOVE YOURSELF” series. They released 4 versions of their song “Mic Drop,” “Mic Drop (STEVE AOKI REMIX)”, “Mic Drop (STEVE AOKI REMIX ft Desiigner)” and “Mic Drop” japanese version. In December, they released a new Japanese single “Crystal Snow.”  
These seven boys have done a lot to make them known worldwide. With seven dorky and incredible members, they are making their fans, their ARMY proud. They never forget to be loving toward their fans. I am grateful for BTS, they make me smile when I’m sad. BTS has a different style and to watch them encounter the world little by little makes me proud to be an ARMY.

(L - R, Taehyung, Yoongi, Seokjin, Jungkook, Namjoon, Jimin and Hoseok)

*ARMY is BTS’s fandom. Korean fans are called K-Diamonds by the international fans and International fans are called I-Lovelies by Korean fans. ARMY originally stands for “Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.”