Monday, December 19, 2011


  1. Julian can get off his "high pedestal", he wan't the reason WE won last year....and ask any of the musical kids or SING kids: him and his BIG ego didn't really show up on OUR stage until WE (class of 2011) made him join SING. Yes, we created a monster, but don't think that we (SSV'11) couldn't have won without him. Personal level: Marcenia BLOWS him out of the water any time of the day so there.

    And no: JOE, JESSICA and others are the reason they won this year. No one really needs 5,000 extra harmonies in ONE song (**cough cough** Julian). SING win = group effort.

    Just felt like saying :)

    ~ JC Nieves (class of '11) :D
    (lol, whoever's reading this should show this to the crow staff just to get a kick)

    You guys are doing a great job; alumni really get to see Port from this. Keep up the good work

  2. Great SING!!! All you guys were GREAT!!!

  3. SSV '10, the father of JFV '12. My babie won! Joe Regina for President. Proud of all of you! If any on you plan on going to CSI, we have a newspaper and a radio station to contnue your journalism careers!

    -Chris Scott

  4. Great to hear from you guys, J.C. and Chris! Keep making us proud and keep in touch!

  5. the seniors last year were absolutely terrible, in no way shape or form did we juniors benefit from that dreadfulness. if anything we were inspired to be like the senmores of 2010 and junmores of 2009, not ssv 2011. get off YOUR high pedestals.

  6. ^ I bet that's Julian's comment.