Thursday, January 3, 2013

Raider New Year's Resolutions

The staff of the Crow's Nest would like to wish all Raiders a happy, healthy and successful New Year. Every year we send our reporters into the halls to ask our Raiders about their New Year's resolutions. Here's what they had to say:

Math teacher Ms. Levine: "To lose weight."

Senior Alexa Sousa: "To enjoy the final moments of my senior year."

Senior Alessia Zarrilli: "To not take life for granted."

Media teacher Mr. Medugno: "To spread positivity." 

 Senior Nija Howard: "To fit in my prom dress."

 Senior Zaquaysia Floyd: "To keep doing my 'abs,' to get better at shot put for track."

 Sophomore Amanda Jost: "To do better in Global."

 Senior Shaquille Greene: "To be more outspoken."

 Senior Beatrice Lowe: "Enjoy my final days of high school."

 Junior Luis Diaz: "Make the Varsity Basketball Team."

 Senior Tyler Bruce: "Be a better boyfriend."

 Senior Dhanushka Konara: "To do volunteering services and to read every day."

 Senior Joseph Ostapiuk: "To completely read the Edgar Allen Poe short story collection."

 A.P. of English Ms. McNeece: "To exercise more, get more sleep, and read as many new books as I possibly can."

 Senior Dante Sullivan: "To focus more on school."

 A.P. of Language and Arts Ms. Woodman: "To stay healthy and go to yoga once a week."

 Senior Akilah Glast: "To get a car."

 Gym teacher Ms. Spitalieri: "To have more patience."

 Senior Tayquan Claxton: "To think before I act."

Junior Deborah Reyes: "Get to class on time."

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