Monday, September 23, 2013

Port's Freshmen Barbecue

     In the past, freshmen students have been left alone to find their way, and make their own connections with people, but this year, with the help of COSA Mr. Medugno and Port's student council, the new freshmen Raiders have been welcomed with open arms. One of the most recent events held specifically for these Raiders was the Freshmen Barbecue, which took place on the football field this past Friday. Freshmen enjoyed burgers and hot dogs made by our exceptional staff, and were able to interact with the each other. Another highlight of the evening was the fact that many teams came out to show their support and get to know the freshmen. Everyone had a great time, made new friends, and we hope the festivities continue.

Staff members cook for Raiders
Hungry Raiders line up for burgers and dogs
Raider freshmen enjoy the food
Freshmen Raiders show their pride

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