Thursday, January 9, 2014

Raider New Year's Resolutions!

Every year we go into the halls and learn how our Raiders want to improve themselves in the new year. Here's what they had to say about their resolutions for 2014:

Senior Marnese Sears says, "I want to make sure I get my 90 average."
Senior Amit Glazer hopes to "lose weight."
Senior Chiamaka Onaga (left) says, "I want to limit my use of profanity,"
and senior Yazmin Wilson-Jones wants to "have a more positive attitude and stop using the phrase 'or nah?'"
Senior Francia DeLeon says, "I want to continue my positive energy about life"
and senior Terrence Overton wants "to be a better football player."
Senior Christine Shouldis wants to "eat less beef patties."
Senior Peter Enia says, "I want to stop procrastinating,"
and senior Naveen Abdel wants "to be less selfish."
Junior Chelsea Ugartes wants "to be a better artist."
Senior Bobby Parilla wants "to eat healthy and get into FIT."
Senior Jullian Fanelli says, "I want to be more diligent with my art work."
Chemistry teacher Ms. Coakley says,
"I want to stay on my diet and get healthy."
Sophomore Norbert Lislewiez says, "I want to pursue my acting career."
History teacher Mr. Luongo says,
"I want to stay healthy, take better care of myself, and read more."
Senior Bianca Matos (left) wants to "stop biting my nails," and sophomore
Jazmine Hernandez wants to "take this year seriously and prepare for the SAT."
Senior Sadiq Alam says, "I want to strive to become a doctor."
Junior Mariah Munett wants to
"improve my baking skills and work on my singing career."
Junior Tyreek Jones says,
"I want to raise my grades and be a better football player."
Senior Isaac Kovnator says, "I want to work and study harder for my algebra
regent so I won't need to take remedial math."
English teacher Mr. DeFazio says, "I want to endeavor to follow the 13 virtues of Benjamin Franklin more carefully, particularly in regard to moderation. I need to eat fewer cookies."

Thanks to all Raiders for sharing your resolutions and best of luck in fulfilling them in the new year!

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