Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Culinary Senior Night
by: Elizabeth Trujillo

     On Wednesday, May 20th, the Culinary Department hosted a Senior Night for all their seniors. All seniors received a special spatula as an award. Other seniors received another award that recognized them for either their academic grades, service to their SLC or their commitment to Port Richmond High School. Their Valedictorian was Dylan Russell, Salutatorian was Fayrouz Kanj and Third Ranked was Victoria Van Name. The students that received merit roll were: Brandon Thomas, Julianne Messine, Philip Delia, Monet Ametefe, Dante Butterfield, Destiny Annorh, Karen Contreras, Jeremy Quinones, Terrell Shakes, Emily Caraballo, Matthew Rooney, Jennyfer Vazquez, and Lyric Perkins. Emily Caraballo received the Medal in Culinary Arts, Victoria Van Name received the Certificate of Achievement in Culinary Arts, Gina Parrish and Sammy Chea received the Certificate of Service in Culinary Arts, Shakee Johnson received the Certificate of Merit & Growth in Culinary Arts, and Destiny Annorh received the Culinary Arts Academy Total Raider Award. It was a special night for all culinary seniors.

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