Monday, December 21, 2015

SING 2016

 The Port Richmond High School 2015 SING performances were held on November 20th and 21st. The Silverstein Trophy was awarded to the Junmen for their performance of The 5G Grant. The show was written and directed by Kaitlynn Gonzalez. The 5G Grant is about Port Richmond’s Glee Club going to a competition to win a 5G grant. The pressure is on because if they lose the competition against Curtis High School the club gets shut down and the football team gets the money. During the glee club rehearsal a football player gets the setlist from a girl in the club and he gives them to the other school to use in the competition. Port Richmond’s glee club ends up coming up with another setlist and winning the competition. “I’m so happy we won, we all put so much work into the show,” said Gonzalez. The Senmore show,Couples Therapy, is a spin off of a reality television show. Their show is about a few couples who attend couples therapy to have their problems solved. The Senmore show was written by Sydney Russell and directed by Alphie Davis, Eric Greco and Irving Valasquez.

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