Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Port Richmond High School Tree Lighting
                                                                                                      By- Diana Stewart
On Friday December 2nd, Port Richmond High School held its annual tree lighting in the lobby. Mrs. Woodmen conducted the band as they played Christmas songs, Mr. Gannon presented his holiday card created by Alex Bros an eleventh grader. Then, Mr. Gannon counted down from ten when he finished he said “our Raider spirit will light the tree” and the tree was magically illuminated. While there, Raiders shared their favorite parts of the holidays. Ryan Horgan sophomore said his favorite part is receiving  presents and spending time with family. “Christmas is my favorite holiday” said David Rivera as well as “getting presents”. Although gifts are received during this holiday, people should take time to be thankful for what they already have and what they can give to people who may not have as much as others. Port Richmond High School gives back to the community in several ways. One way they give back is through the Giving Tree. The Giving tree, is a Christmas tree, decorated with garland that has the names of people who are in need of specific things. Staff of Port are then invited to choose a name and be a secret Santa, who humbly doesn’t ask for anything in return. Port Richmond takes time to recognize the holidays that are celebrated during this time of year as well as, giving back to the people in need!

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