Monday, January 23, 2017

“If you can dream it you can do it.”-Walt Disney
By- Steven Inniss
Young people, end up losing their dreams, in fear of the imminent future, college.
In a low income neighborhood, there is a relatively small high school, Port Richmond High School. Although modest, Port Richmond HS has a lot of perks, and an upbeat spirit. One of those perks is the partnership Port Richmond HS has with Wagner College. Within this partnership, Wagner and PRHS nurtured a program called the Port Richmond Partnership Leadership Academy (PRPLA). The program is ran out of the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement in Wagner College (CLCE), and the Wagner College Raider Office in Port Richmond High School. Leo Schuhert runs the program, PRPLA, along with Arlette Cepeda, Kevin Bote, Kevin Farrell, and other  students who work in the CLCE office. Mr. Schuhert said “I love the opportunity to work everyday with such wonderful, intelligent, inspiring, and motivational young adults.Seeing them learn and grow, develop leadership skills and work hard to achieve their dreams, is what this program is all about. It's because of the students whom I work with at Port Richmond that this program is possible. Our collective work in this program makes us at Wagner so proud to be partnered with such a wonderful community.” This extensive idea of pursuing your dream, even extends to IS 51, where their is a mini PRPLA developing, and works to develop their dream.
   The Leadership Academy was founded by the New World Foundation COIN Program and Wagner College. They started PRPLA, with an aim to improve students’ educational studying tactics, to teach the students about immigration, and to instruct them how to work with CBOs (community based organizations).  One of their goals is for students in PRPLA to become community based leaders and learn how to achieve their dreams. Timofej, a senior a Port High School, benefited greatly from her experience in the Wagner College program. {It} “Provided opportunity to grow as person and go to MIT,”  said Timofej.  The Wagner College student mentors help to guide students toward reaching their goals. One of these mentors who worked in  PRPLA over the summer described her experience working with Port Richmond HIgh School students throughout the school year, and throughout most of the summer,  “The Port Richmond Partnership Leadership Academy, works to improve our Raider student lives, and help work towards their dreams.”

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