Thursday, March 27, 2014

Prom Shop Receives Dresses From Area Schools
     Prom is generally one of the most important events in high school for many young men and women. It is a time where girls struggle to find their dream dress, and after-prom outfits, and boys strive to find the perfect tuxes to match their dates. Unfortunately, many of these students cannot afford these fairy-tale fantasy expenses, and that's why at Port Richmond's Prom Shop "Raid-Our-Closet" was created. After two years, Prom Shop continues to collect items for students, such as dresses, tuxes, shoes, and accessories, while also raffling off free make-up and hair appointments. With the help of schools like St. Joseph By The Sea and St. Joseph Hill, we have collected over 200 of these items, offering a very wide selection of looks for anyone who would like to visit the "shop." Creator of the club, Ms. Miracola, gave these two schools plaques as a token of appreciation for their generosity and service to others. Once again, Prom Shop will successfully cater to many young students who are looking for their dream prom look. If you are interested in looking at Prom Shop's collection, there will be "Prom Shop Live," which will include many Raiders modeling outfits down the runway. Go to Mr. Medugno for any questions and may you find your perfect attire!

Mr. Medugno and Ms. Miracola award St. Joseph By The Sea girls for their service

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