Thursday, February 12, 2015

Port Richmond Senior Trip 2k15 

Port Richmond's Senior class became closer than ever during their weekend full of fun. The nights were full of laughs and the days were made for sleeping in. While being away from the school atmosphere, students were able to feel at ease and create lifelong bonds with their classmates. There are normally cliques that would rather not mix with other cliques, but this trip allowed the barrier to be broken and everyone was able to share laughs and find out that we're all the same in one way or another. Hudson Valley Resort & Spa provided wonderful experiences to our senior class that will live on throughout our years.

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  1. Every teen ought to go on a road trip at least once before graduation! No matter how far your road trip takes you, fifty miles or five hundred, you’ll have a great #time bonding with your fellow adventurers! You can take a family road trip, or hit the open road with your #high school best buds. Either way, you’re guaranteed to make long-lasting memories, and will probably save a pretty penny on your Senior Trip Ideas!