Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Senior Prom 2016

Port Richmond High School had its Senior Prom 2016 this past Friday. The Event kicked off at 7pm, but students started arriving at 6:30pm to be sure to get a spot on the Good Morning Port Richmond Special: Prom Live!. With a Bollywood theme, students took the meaning of the theme, to the next level with some students wearing headpieces, and special outfits that matched the theming. In the center of each table was a vase with various colored feathers of orange, pink, and purple, as well as a genie lamp and jewels.
After a few minutes settling in at the tables, and placing their dinner orders, students were called to the dance floor by Mr. Medugno, and the DJs for the night. The students heard a various selection of music from Drake's latest album to nineties hip hop to songs that got everyone dancing. The students spent about an hour dancing and mingling with each other before they were asked to find their seats and enjoy the main entrees. While the students ate they watched the Good Morning Port Richmond Prom Live! Special. Students cheered when they saw their friends on the screens that were placed in front of the DJ booth. They saw the whole special before it was uploaded to the Good Morning Port Richmond vimeo account later that night.
After the students finished their meals, they were once again back out on the dance floor dancing with each other. A little while after the main entree was served Mr. Medugno took the control of the dance camera that was perched on top of the DJ booth and had students show off their dance abilities on the camera. Soon after most students failed to realize dessert had been served and was sitting at their table because they were having too much of a great time dancing and making a few more memories as high schoolers before their graduation that is coming soon. A few students even took time out to take a few more pictures in front of the Senior Prom backdrop on the red carpet. When the time came students started to trickle out and head their separate ways. Over all the students had a great night, and its a night they will soon not forget.

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