Friday, June 10, 2016

Senior Week 2016 by Jessica Gottleib & Chelsea Romero

Senior Citizen Day- What better way to start off senior week than by being a senior citizen? We may be 18 now, but before we know it we will have gray hair and a walker. Hana Ahmed killed the game coming into school with a walker to portray her character as an old man. “I took this walker from my aunt who just had a double knee replacement, but don't worry she had another one.” said Hana. Another great example of being a senior citizen was Jessica Gottlieb who topped her outfit off with a one liner, “Give Grandpa a hug.”

Twin day- grab your best friend and rock the same outfit, it's as easy as that. Whether they’re best friend was a student, teacher, or dean, seniors dressed to impress. The two questions students had to ask themselves is, “who should i match?” and, “what should we wear?”

College Day- with decision day being 20 days ago, almost every senior knows where they are going to college, so we made Wednesday college shirt day. People were wearing their shirts and hats loud and proud. Jazmine Hernandez wore her Stony Brook hat and shirt said she is, “extremely excited for college and meeting new people.” Lauren Rapaport, who will be attending Suny Cortland for teaching alongside Jessica Gottlieb, hopes to further her softball career as a Cortland Red Dragon. Nowoola Awupato wore his villanova hat and shirt to show where he will be playing D1 football and making his raiders proud.

Throwback Thursday- on Throwback Thursday students revisited their favorite decade, though we don't know what they were really like, seniors portrayed what they see on tv. Amaris Lighty and Kaitlynn Nunez took on Cher and Dionne from the 90’s hit movie Clueless. “Its awesome to dress how they used to back in the day because the fashion then was so different from now,” said Amaris.

Senior Night-With the school year coming to an end, the class of 2016 are counting down the days until graduation. The senior activities started on May 16th with a Senior Spirit Week and ending the week with Senior Night. Senior Night is the official start of the goodbye and the seniors created many memories that will last a lifetime.
In the end of the week, the senior class had to wear their Senior shirts, designed by Matthew Moen. Later on that day, they were to wear the shirts to Senior Night starting at 7. The seniors met up at the tennis courts where they had four inflatable games. There was an inflatable race, basketball, a challenge to get up a ladder without falling and a castle experience where people were met with different obstacles like crocodiles and boulders being thrown at them. Catered by John’s Deli, students had the choice on four different sandwiches and three different pastas. An ice cream truck was provided as well as a cotton candy machine. “Senior Night was a really fun experience. It showed how close friendships really are out of school,” said senior Victoria Modica. The entire night, the DJ provided us with music from today’s top hits to some throwback music to spanish music. There was also a photo booth where the students could capture their memories from a great night. “Senior Night was a really good experience for me. It was a really good night and everyone came together and had fun,” said senior Nyema Williams. The night was filled with laughter and the class of 2016 will carry this amazing memory from highschool for the rest of their lives.

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