Friday, November 4, 2016

A Successful Med-Tech Blood Drive
By: Diana Stewart

       On October 25, Port Richmond High School had its first blood drive of the new school year.  The Med-Tech students along with phlebotomists from Staten Island University Hospital, collected seventy-four pints of blood.  It was “the most successful blood drive we have had in several years,” said Mrs. Wright,  the Med-Tech coordinator at Port Richmond High School.  All seventy-four pints were donated to SIUH/Northwell blood bank.  The contributions of 91 willing donors led to a successful first blood drive.  
     Many of the donors were students who have specific reasons for donating blood.  “I wanted my first experience of donating blood to be through Port Richmond, and I had a good experience doing so!" said Tatiana Ferrerias,  a senior at Port Richmond HS.  “I like to help those in need,”said Joshua Stamer.  The students enjoyed reaching new milestones and helping others. 
    This is the second blood drive Mrs. Wright organized as the Med-Tech coordinator.  “I love to combine learning with community service, I am fortunate that this opportunity is part of my role as Med Tech coordinator," said Mrs.Wright.
Med-Tech Participants

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