Friday, March 11, 2016

Attention Juniors!

For many students, junior year of high school is also the most difficult year. Students must prepare for their upcoming ACT or SAT test dates, evaluate potential colleges and function beneath an immense amount of pressure to achieve high grades to impress these colleges.

-POSSE scholarships See Ms. Watkins in the college office, Rm. B233 ASAP

-QuestBridge’s College prep program: Deadline to College office: March 23, 2016.

-Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award:  Recognizes young women age 14-17 who have accomplished

something noteworthy as volunteers. See Ms. Watkins to be nominated by March 10, 2016

-Syracuse University Summer College NYC Scholarship Program. See Ms. Watkins ASAP on B233.

                                  TEST DATE              REGULAR DEADLINE        LATE FEE APPLIES

SAT I/SAT II            MAY 7, 2016               APRIL 8, 2016                 APRIL 22, 2016

                                 JUNE 4, 2016               MAY 20, 2016                MAY 20, 2016

                                  TEST DATE              REGULAR DEADLINE         LATE FEE APPLIES

ACT                          APRIL 9, 2016             MARCH 4, 2016             MARCH 5-8, 2016

                                 JUNE 11, 2016             MAY 6, 2016                  MAY 7-20, 2016

-Register For Naviance                                                                                                                                                                        

Username and password for registration on the Welcome page are Students Osis Number.

-Fee Waivers: if you qualify for free or reduced lunch, yoy will be eligible for fee waivers. Contact your

-Juniors start registering for SAT’s.

-Social Security Card/Number: Its important to start applying for a social security number if you haven’t

already as you will need it to apply for colleges.

Port Richmond High School & Career Fair – March 22,2016

NACAC’S NATIONAL College Fair – April 24,2016

Riverbank State Park College Fair – March 12,2016

Hispanic College Career Fair  - March 23, & March 24

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