Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The N-Word by Nikita Persaud

  On February 26th, 2016, Mr. Gregory Dickerson came to Port Richmond High School and talked about the use of the N- word. His goal is to help influence the students at Port Richmond and members of the community to stop using the N-word. He did so by explaining to students that it is disrespectful to call people a “Nigger/Nigga” and that the word makes a negative impact on society.
    A ‘Nigger’ is a contemptuous term for a black or dark-skinned person. Many people misuse this word because they don’t know the correct meaning and some use the word in the wrong context. Students at Port had altered views about the use of the N-word, “I use the N-word because I hear it around me a lot and it got stuck into my vocabulary,” said Zuzanna Gvzybowska. “I don’t use the N-word because it is offensive,” said Ernest Peiris. “Yes I use the N-word because it is more of a friendly and respectful way of talking to each other,” said Walla Baes.  
    Mr. Dickerson is a West Brighton native. He wrote a book called, “Steven: The education of a Young Black Man's Mind.” This book teaches a young black man, who uses the N-word, the true hate the word actually represents. Dickerson was inspired to write this book one day during his lunch hour while he was standing next to two young black men that were having a conversation and carelessly using the N-word.
    Mr. Dickerson has been visiting Port Richmond and many other high schools hoping to educate them about the power that words can carry.


                                                Photo by: Skii Magazine (Mr. Gregory Dickerson.)

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