Friday, June 9, 2017

MTA Raises Fares

Housing over eight million people of the American population, New York City is known for being the most populous city in the United States. Millions of people travel from all the five boroughs and depend on public transportation to get to their destination. According to the MTA Network, an average of 7,700,000 million people use the MTA services weekly, over 85% of people use public transportation. However, for the new year of 2017, the MTA increased the price of commuting fares for public transportation. Despite the unwanted change, these new fares were effective on March 19th.
● The 30-day unlimited MetroCard has risen $4.50 from $116.50 to $121.00
● The 7-day unlimited MetroCard has risen $1.00 from $31.00 to $32.00
● The 7-day Express Bus plus Metrocard has risen $2.25 from $57.25 to $59.50
● The single fare ride will remain $2.75
● For MTA bridges and tunnels, cars using E-ZPass will see a rise of $.25, while drivers paying with cash or toll by mail will see an increase of 6.3% to 9.1%.
● Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road will rise 3.75% in prices.

Many commuters believed that this change was unfair and argued that the MTA does not provide the outcome the public expects for their investment. However, a budget deal made in 2009 requires that the MTA increase its fares every two years. They plan to increase revenue by 4% and give the additional funds to the MTA workers.  The next fare rise will be in 2019.

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