Monday, June 5, 2017

Port Richmond Supports Ramadan at Prom

By:Pedro Santiago
Prom is a high school tradition that students look forward to from their freshman year.Anticipation is building as everyone wonders who will go with who and who will wear what. Usually people do not have to worry about when they eat their meal. However, this year Ramadan occurs during the month of June and affects muslim students attending prom. Port Richmond High School family took special consideration for muslim students in the PRHS family.
Port Richmond High School COSA (Vincent Medugno) Stated that their will be a separate cocktail hour at prom and no one will eat the main meal until it is 8:20. “We will wait because we are a family”. This demonstrates how important it is that we make our students comfortable and make our students enjoy everything they have worked for. Prom is the symbol of culmination from four years of dedication to scholarship and friendship.Students on track for graduation should be able to participate in all aspects of wonderful evening including the food. This should not even be a thought to consider; schools should be mandated to accommodate all students especially if the students are the ones paying for prom and not the school itself.

Ramadan started on May 27th of 2017 and will continues for 30 days. On the 29th day of Ramadan if the moon does not prevail Ramadan will continue to the next day and you must fast the 30th day and EID will begin the day after. Ramadan is a time of patience , “ To see if we have patience, it’s a time to not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset and an overall peaceful month.” (senior Nivin Hamed) you are not allowed to eat or drink from, “3:55am to 8:20pm”. EID which is , “A time to celebrate, to drink special coffee and enjoy time with family.” (senior Sabrine Haq). So why is it that such an important tradition filled with good morals is not being incorporated with prom. Port Richmond High school student Nivin Hamed stated, “ I felt sad for the muslim students at Brooklyn Tech because they are fasting and have to choose between their religion or going to prom and not eating. “I am very proud that I am a Port Richmond High School students because my school has made special accommodations for the Muslims students. It really shows that they care and respect all students”.

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