Friday, June 9, 2017

Port Richmond High School Band Department

By Hayoung Choi
The Port Richmond Band Department has long been a pride and joy of the Raider community. People from all kinds of musical backgrounds join together to create harmonious music that entertains the crowd in pleasant tones. In order to connect to the essence of the greater community, the PRHS Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, and Marching Band have actively participated in events held in Staten Island and areas in Manhattan. For instance, the Jazz Band performed at P.S. 68 for the ribbon cutting ceremony and also at the Burrito Bar on Forest Ave. for brunch. The Symphonic Band took a walking tour of lower Manhattan of the Revolutionary Wars to get a historic perspective of the music. The Marching Band recently marched through the city of Manhattan in the Memorial Day Parade in honor of the current and fallen soldiers of America. The three departments of band offered at Port Richmond High School are Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, and Marching Band. The Jazz Band is a musical ensemble that plays jazz selection. The band is made up of a rhythm section and a horn section. Symphonic Band, also called Concert Band is a performing ensemble that consists of members of the woodwind, brass, and percussion families of musical instruments along with the double bass or bass guitar. The Marching Band is a group where the musicians who play instruments typically in the woodwind, brass, or percussion families march while playing musical selections for entertainment or competition purposes. The Port Richmond Bands offer an enjoyable and amazing way for incoming students to explore the world of music.

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